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  •    SHOW DATES 2016

       Canterbury Show - 10, 11 and 12 November 2016
       Hastings Royal Show - 19 - 21 October 2016

  •    ROMNEY NZ NEWZ OCTOBER 2016 - click here

  •    Canterbury A & P Show Entries now open. Please
       see their website

       Also on this website First Live Wool Auction
       to be held at the Canterbury Show 2016. The
       Auction has support from all the major wool
       brokers and will be open to the public.

       For more information contact Dave Burridge
       at PGG Wrightson dburridge@pggwrightson.  - 027 479 3779 

       It ould be a good time to start saving your
       line of hogget 
    wool for this auction.

       Also the Mint Lamb Competition is in its
       10th year and has been overhauled.
       Entry forms contact Bindy 03 343 2136

  •    New Councillor for Romney NZ - On the
       retirement of Ian Smith, who was bestowed
       Life Membership at the 2016 AGM for his
       contributions to the Breed, Hamish 
       Mackay of Otama has been elected the
       new Councillor.  Romney NZ welcomes 
       Hamish's input.  

  •     Nicole Oliver - The NZ Coarse Wool Industry
        - Does it have a Future? click here 

  •     Nicole Oliver - The NZ Romney Assn -
        What is the Future of the Fibre?
    click here     

  •    Transforming the Romney Breed

        How Romney NZ is achieving measurable         
        results through  its North & South Island 
        Saleable Meat Yield Trials

        Jon Hickford says 'the average carcass yield –
        the ratio of meat to fat and bone - of the trial
        lambs has improved to 54-55 per cent,
        compared with a 50 per cent average across
        the romney breed.

        It's still not up there with the 60 per cent from
        the texel, but that is a terminal sire [all progeny
        slaughtered] meat breed, whereas the romney
        is a dual purpose breed [meat and fertility].

        Read more from this Fairfax News Article 
        (click title above or see under News)

  •     NZ Farmer - Article David Tennent and his
        family farming in Takapau click here

  •      2015 Romney NZ President's Annual Report
         see under News

  •     Romney Success Story 
    op lamb: 'Basic sheep breeds offer 
               farmers the potential for good 
               performance gains,' says Oxford
               farmer Hugh Taylor.

            -  Winner of 2012 Mint Lamb Competition
            -  Read more from this Christchurch Press Article
               (click title here or see under News)

  •    Romney Shining Light
       FE Tolerance Trait Boosting Prices (article
            and photo - click title here or under News)

  •    Find a local breeder if looking for genetic 
            improvement in your flock (under Ram Breeders)


  • Romney NZ wishes to  acknowledge Merial Ancare 
    as its Animal Health sponsor and partner and Allflex 
    and Tru-Test for their continuing and welcome support 
    of the breed and its activities.



Romney NZ Inc


The New Zealand Romney has a long history originating as a separate breed on the cold, damp isolated Romney Marshes of Kent in the south of England. History records - "A long woolled, strong and highly valuable sheep has been kept on Romney Marsh since time immemorial" - hence the name 'Romney Marsh'.

The first importations of Romney sheep to New Zealand were by Messrs Bennett and Young, reaching Wellington in 1843.

Today the New Zealand Romney makes up over half of the 40 million sheep farmed in New Zealand. It is farmed, in the near sub tropical northern most parts of the north Island at 34 latitude south to the southern most tip of New Zealand at 47 latitude South. The New Zealand Romney is well recognised for it's ability to manage all the many varied climates that New Zealand has.

Romney New Zealand which was established in 1904 represents 130 Romney stud breeders who supply breeding rams for approximately 4000 commercial sheep farmers. Over the last few years it has extended it's role to include research and marketing of Romney wool. Recently Romney New Zealand has increased it's commitment in this area.

While the composition and quality of the New Zealand wool clip has changed over the last 10 years, the traits such as low vegetable matter, good whitness and brightness, good length and strength, remain key attributes of the New Zealand Romney wool and set it apart from the balance of the New Zealand production.

Welcome to Romney New Zealand
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